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CustomEHR, LLC was founded and incorporated in April, 2005 by Steven P. Kanig MD, a clinical nephrologist in practice since 1982 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. Kanig started work on the programming back in 2001, while still actively practicing. Initial modules were designed to work with his nephrology practice in order to provide structure and real-time, easily updatable information about hospitalized patients. (One of the features that works extremely well for nephrology practices is the management of acute dialysis schedules.) The system continually grew, with many added capabilities. New modules were added, including problem and medication lists, a module for management of call and vacation schedules, a paging system, and the beginnings of a full electronic medical record.

As it became evident that CustomEHR had the potential to appeal to a broad array of physician groups and beyond, Dr. Kanig made the difficult decision to leave his practice in order to devote himself full time to its ongoing development. (The acknowledgements page gratefully recognizes the important role of Renal Medicine Associates in Albuquerque in the genesis of this project.)

As the name of the company suggests, CustomEHR was envisioned as a fully capable, web-based electronic health record, that could be highly customized to the needs of its users. Much of the development torwards that goal has been completed, and is ongoing. But it became clear that modules for electronic medical records ("EMR") and personal health records ("PHR"), to be truly competitive in the current marketplace, would also require a very level of interoperability with existing patient data and management systems, and compliance with emerging standards. While the "Inpatient Module" is fully functional and stands on its own, and is available for subscription, we recognize that it is not a complete solution for most practices. The EMR module is nearly completed, but will not be released until it achieves a more complete level of interoperatbility. Modules for Secure Messaging and Referrals are complete and part of the system.

CustomEHR is currently focusing on modules that serve "niche" needs that are not otherwise being met by available software products. Perhaps the most important such need is for the ability of groups providing a service to be able to manage the higher level schedules of the principals in the group. For physician groups, this includes the ability to manage and integrate call, vacation, conference and site assignment schedules -- which is most always challenging, and often quite contentious. The Call, Location and Vacation Schedule module provides sophisiticated and easy to use tools to help groups successfully grapple with this challenge, including detailed statistical reporting. We believe that it is the most capable such program available today.

One of the unique features of the Call, Location and Vacation Schedule program is a version that is specifically created for use by hospitals that need to keep track of and continually update a complex array of physician group and specialty specific coverage schedules. Not only does the CustomEHR system do this remarkably well, but it integrates with the schedules of participating physician groups that are also using the system, creating a high level of coordination, accuracy and elimination of duplicate data entry. We are very proud to announce that Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, New Mexico was the first hospital system to adopt this CustomEHR module, making it available to all of the physician groups who admit to the hospital.

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