CustomEHR Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles

CustomEHR is centered around the following principles:

  • An electronic health record should be affordable. Current systems, especially the model of licensed systems installed on site, often require very high initial investment costs, and ongoing information technology support. This is often a tremendous challenge (and a great risk) for small and medium sized practice groups. CustomEHR uses the Application Service Provider model: physicians subscribe to the service, rather than purchasing a license. CustomEHR runs on the Internet, so there are no servers to maintain. A local network isn't required. Initial investment is limited to the cost of having Internet access. And CustomEHR believes in keeping its costs down, and passing those cost savings on. Our subscription rates are designed to be affordable by ANY physician practice. Updates are automatic for all subscribers. There is nothing to install, upgrade or maintain.

  • An electronic health record should be modular. There are two big advantages of this approach: You only have to pay for the features that you really want to use, and different modules can be developed in highly customized ways to serve the needs of different users.

  • An electronic health record should be designed to make work easier, not harder. CustomEHR was developed by a physician as a system of tools designed to greatly facilitate communication of clinical information and improve physician workflow. This is the opposite of requiring physicians to adjust their work habits to accommodate the demands of an information system designed by IT people who do not care for patients in the real world. CustomEHR has been continually refined and improved as ideas have surfaced from ongoing use about how to best achieve this important objective.

  • An electronic health record should be interoperable and conform to emerging standards -- rather than adhering to a proprietary system which limits the ability of its users to move data when needed. In fact, the essence of the concept of the electronic health record is interoperability. That's why EHR is part of our name. We are developing full HL7 compatibility, and intend to be HL7 certified.

  • An electronic health record should be platform independent. You can access CustomEHR from any type of computer running a reasonably modern operating system with standard browsers. There are no proprietary virtual machines. Macintosh, Windows, Linux or whatever flavor of OS work equally well. If you like to use tablet PCs with handwriting recognition for data entry, those will work great with CustomEHR. So will voice recognition if you have a computer that does that well for you.


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