CustomEHR Version and Release Notes
Version and Release Notes

Since November 30, 2005 we are tracking version numbers for different modules separately. The Call, Location and Vacation Schedule module (abbreviated here as CLVS module), the Inpatient Module and the Paging Module are in full release. The EMR module remains in beta release currently. The CLVS module had its birth under the name, which is now synonymous with our Call Schedule (CLVS) program.

CLVS Module Version 2.6.1. Release date July 10, 2008.
New administrative tool added to easily delete a person from one or more schedules as of a defined date, optionally keeping historical data, deleting all forward data (call, site and work status). Includes delayed deletion as active user until actual departure date, with final confirmation by automated secure messaging.

CLVS Module Version 2.6.0. Release date July 7, 2008.
Addition of major data editing tools for recurring weekly or monthly patterns of data. Criteria include the specific schedule, column, person, date range, day(s) of week, weeks(s) of month, and time of day. Types of edits include insertions, deletions and moving data from one site location to another. (This is distinct from repeating default schedules, which are developed and loaded in the form of Templates.) Also minor enhancement of Covering type column, to allow each user to specify a preference of displaying data in the form "covering person => person out", or "person out <= covering person".

CLVS Module Version 2.5.5. Release date June 27, 2008.
New statistics report that shows "Days Worked", found on same page as Vacation/Conference/Medical Leave. Data can be shown including or not including weekends worked, holidays worked, and counting conference days as either working or not working.

CLVS Module Version 2.5.4. Release date October 29, 2007.
Added ability to have multiple individual coverage columns in the same schedule, and to specify as a group preference whether only people from the same coverage sub-group may cover otherss in that subgroup, or whether people from outside the sub-group of the person being covered may be listed. Added ability for those with call schedule administrative privileges to add providers to their schedule from other practices subscribed to CustomEHR. (This could be done before but previously required direct manipulation of the database by someone at CustomEHR.)

Paging Module 2.0.0. Release date October 10, 2007.
Major upgrade, adding ability to send text (SMS) messages via any mobile phone service that accepts e-mail formatted text messages, allowing the same page to be sent at the same time to any number of recipients using different paging or cellular services. New details include showing each person's text message provider, the maximum message length, interfaces to outside providers, adding a date-time stamp to each message, allowing messages to be deleted from the page log for privacy reasons, and several bug fixes in the search functions in the page-log.

CLVS Module Version 2.5.3. Release date October 6, 2007.
Added: option to be able to enter, display and tally half-day vacations and half-day conferences. This option can be set from the "Call Preferences" page by someone with administrative privileges for this module.

CLVS Module Version 2.5.2. Release date September 27, 2007.
Added: ability to have shared schedules, where a schedule is identical amongst 2 or more call groups. A change to one changes all. Where a shared schedule also involves integration with a hospital schedule system, the shared schedules are also mirrored on the hospital side. Added: "tool-tip" popup totals for any site column, showing the number of people scheduled for that site in the morning, in the afternoon, and for the entire day.

Basic Module Versiojn 1.1.1. Release date September 23, 2007.
Completely resdesigned Meeting Agenda tool. Includes different levels of edit access and sorting tools.

CLVS Module Version 2.5.1. Release date September 20, 2007.
Added two new statistics pages: Call Totals by Month, and Site Totals by Month. Thesse are now in addition to the previously available Call Totals by Day of Week and Site Totals by Day of Week. Added new "Provider Look Up" feature, to easily look up contact information for anyone listed in a call schedule without having to go to a schedule page.

CLVS Module Version 2.5.0. Release date September 15, 2007.
Paging Module Version: 1.1.0. Release date September 15, 2007.
Inpatient Module Version: 1.1.0. Release date September 15, 2007.
Basic Module Version 1.1.0. Release date September 15, 2007.
The authentication and login for CustomEHR (all modules) has been significantly upgraded. Any office that connects to the Internet over a network now has the option of setting up a common, read-only login that only requires the click of a single button rather than entry of a username and password. CustomEHR will recognize any computer on the network (via a common outgoing IP address) and offer this generic login, or a full login. CustomEHR now also uses "cookies" (a snippet of identification code stored by a browser). If someone uniquely uses a computer or a computer's user account, there is an option for the user to be "remembered" (by storing the cookie permanently), allowing future logins at the click of a button rather than having to re-enter username and password. (The permanent cookie must be renewed annually, which requires only a new login.) Even without use of the permanent cookie, unless cookies in the user's browser have been deactivated (which may be at the discretion of corporate IT departments), CustomEHR will now remember the current user up to 10 minutes from the last activity while logged in. If there is an interruption in Internet service during these 10 minutes which might in the past have caused a user to be logged out after clicking a button or a link, this should no longer happen. And if a page times out or the user voluntarily logs out during this 10 minute interval, the system will allow the user to log back in again with a single click.

CLVS Module Version 2.4.3. Release date: September 10, 2007.
Can now optionally show Vacation and Conference combined into a single column on monthly schedules, but still tracked separately under statistics. Where a practice has more than one schedule, can now choose to show Vacation and Conference for each person either in that person's home schedule only (the default), or in all of the schedules for the practice. There is a new display showing a chronological listing of days out on Vacation, Conference, Medical Leave or No-Work for any specified provider, brought up by clicking on that person's name in the Vacation/Conf statistics page. The Call Preferences page has been substantially improved, allowing Call Schedule administrators to set various options directly.

CLVS Module Version 2.4.2. Release date: August 12, 2007.
Added the optional ability to track medical leave (sick time) separately from vacation, while still preserving privacy by distinguishing medical leave from regular vacation only on the statistics and update pages available to privileged users.

CLVS Module Version 2.4.1. Release date: July 23, 2007.
Added multiple date (for range of dates) updating to call columns as well as for work status. Range of dates page now also checks for and prevents conflicts between vacation/conf and site assignments. (Previously, this type of conflict was only prevented with single date updates.)

CLVS Module Version 2.4.0. Release date: March 6, 2007.
Added the ability to set up completely customized printing of monthly schedule pages. In addition to the previously available selection of columns and/or specific individuals (for viewing or printing), using the pre-established dropdown menu groupings, users can now select any number and combination of columns using checkboxes at the top of every column in the monthly schedule, and choose to format each column using names or initials, then simply click "Custom Print".

CLVS Module Version 2.3.0. Release date: February 5, 2007.
Brand new feature: ability to download call information to computer calendar programs that accept the iCalendar file format (eg, iCal). Detailed information is available by clicking on the "Click for Instructions" link next to the download button on every monthly schedule page.

CLVS Module Version 2.2.0. Release date: January 27, 2007.
Added the optional ability to load column-specific data based on calendar months, in addition to the previously available templates based on a cycle of a set number of weeks. For example, Dr. Jones sees patients at the First Street Clinic on the morning of the 2nd and 4th Thursdays and all day on the 1st Monday of every month.

CLVS Module Version 2.1.0. Release date: January 14, 2007.
Added the ability to specifiy subgroups specific to each column in the schedule, including each call column and each site column. This allows a much higher level of customization for every column. For example, a different subgroup of providers can be specified for different types of call and for each site, and there are no limits in how many or which providers are specified for each column. The subgroups appear in the choices on the update page, and in the tables in the statistics pages. Administrators in each practice have the ability to modify groups and subgroups via a new administrative page.

CLVS Module Version 2.0.1. Release date: August 10, 2006.
Added feature: if someone is previously scheduled as "No Pts" and then has a new peripheral site assignment, the "No Pts" entry is automatically deleted.

CLVS Module Version 2.0.0: Major upgrade, Release date: August 1, 2006.
Newly added pages specifically designed for hospitals. Includes a single-day view with listing of all call groups, and updating either from the single-day page or the monthly page. When a hospital and physician groups with privileges at that hospital are subscribed, the physician practice schedules are automatically coordinated with the hospital schedules, and navigation back and forth between physician group pages and hospital pages is done transparently without need to re-enter login information. Newly added feature where clicking on the name of any person on call will bring up contact information. New consolidation of the previously separate display and planning pages. New functionality to allow customization of monthly page contents, including adjacent month overlap, pop-up totals, request dates, and statistics. New addition of ability to track procedures, with detailed statistics.

CLVS Module Version 1.4.0: Release date: June 21, 2006.
Addition of ability to track work parameters mandated by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education, including work hours, call frequency, and days-off frequency. Displayed with 4-week rolling averages for each parameter. Uses default clinic hours, call hours, site assignment hours and actual hours worked in all calculations. Provides highly visible alerts for all parameters and averages out of ACGME limits. Will be very useful for residency and fellowship programs.

CLVS Module Version 1.3.0: Release date: May 30, 2006.
Addition of Variable Call Compensation, including online modeling tool for testing of varioius compensation arrangements with projected affect on annual compensation salary component. Addition of site statistics, similar to call statistics, that provide detailed information about how many times each person in the schedule is assigned to each site column.

CLVS Module Version 1.2.0: Release date: May 16, 2006.
Addition of extensive online tutorial system, with tutorial boxes embedded in each page, controlled from the Navbar, with auto-open for the first time a user visits any page with a tutorial.

CLVS Module Version 1.1.0: Release date April 15, 2006.
Extensive new developments in CLVS module. These include statistics about number of providers working in the primary office (by day, week and month), display of both pre- and post-change data on e-mail notices, addition of last 4 days of previous month and first 4 days of next month on planning pages, ability to set lockout intervals for changes, establishing a minimum number of providers available for primary office (with lockout of additional changes), lockout overrides by those with admin privileges, addition of half-day intervals to site columns, addition of Out column with admin time off provision, breaking up site columns into multiple rows on update page when there are more than 4 sites, ability to display data for a single provider including highlighted days available in the primary office for that person, ability to selectively display customized groupings of columns with notes column turned on or off, and ability to pass current view settings to the printer friendly pages and another month selected from navigation links.

Paging Module Version: 1.0.0: Release date January 31, 2006.

CLVS Module Version: 1.0.0: Release date January 31, 2006.

Inpatient Module Version: 1.0.0: Release date November 30, 2006.

Basic Module Version 1.0.0: Release date November 30, 2006. Includes all tools and features not listed as part of other modules, including Secure Messaging, Calculators, CPT Code Database, and administrative tools, eg. Meeting Agenda. All users have access to this module, although some functions may be restricted to those with administrative privileges.

Version: 0.9.2: Release date October 28, 2005.
Call schedule module entirely re-coded, and fully operational. Significant additional features include the ability to develop multiple default templates online with full statistics, being able to load the templates into the call database, having a variable number of customized columns in the call schedule, and having multiple schedules per group. Statistics include call totals, (broken down into detail by day of week and month), vacation and conference totals, and holiday schedules.

Version: 0.9.1: Release date August 28, 2005.
Hospital progress notes and office notes now use same coding, with different headings only. PDF output of clinical notes implemented. Completed major rewrite of original clinical update coding and group specific coding. All inpatient pages now work with all groups, including assginments. New hospital group views added. New database table for hospital med record numbers, allow an unlimited number per group defined by group's hospital list. Entire site now running on secure server. Got rid of all alerts for non-secure items. Medical society heading for referral pages now depends on source of original page link. Numerous minor bug fixes.

Version: 0.9.0: Release date July 13, 2005.
Implementation of true EMR features, with permanent data storage of clinical data for office and hospital progress notes. Most recent information entered by group colleagues can be called up and edited for current notes.

Version: 0.8.3: Release date July 10, 2005.
Ability to generate sophisticated queries of any sets of data in the online practice database, and display the information generated graphically. Demographic analysis of gender and age groups is presently functional. When additional clinical data is added to the database, eg. ICD9 diagnoses, more sophisticated and customized searches will be possible.

Version: 0.8.2: Release date June 24, 2005.
Added page for calculation of renal function, including importing patient information.

Version: 0.8.1: Release date June 2, 2005.
Online patient referrals, using secure messaging, added. Available for all CustomEHR users, set up to be especially useful for regional organizations, eg. county or state medical societies, to allow members to receive directed referrals, with inclusion of clinical information: problem and medication lists from the database, as well as message information sent with the referral.

Version: 0.8.0: Release date May 27, 2005.
Added Secure Messaging, a major new module. See extensive description online.

Version: 0.7.2. Release date May 18, 2005.
Updated the inpatient orders to run with current practice letterhead and work with current CEHR security and navigation features. Fixed problem with patient updates generated from Current Assignments page, to pass current user to update page rather than user who generated the assignments. Fixed problem with accessing and updating ICD-9 codes using current security system. Added ability to add comment to any day on call schedule.

Version: 0.7.1. Release date May 10, 2005.
Fixed problems with proper database updating on the "Send Message to Acute Dialysis Nurses" page. Fixed all problems with "Add a New Patient" page. Converted "New Assignments" page to new format. Added drop down menus to billing pages. Fixed problem with improper variables being added to URL after patient updates. Added redirection of page brought up when a patient first discharged or signed off to the discharged patient page. Corrected privilege assignments on several pages which were set as excessively restrictive.

Version 0.7.0. Release date May 7, 2005.
This is the first version of CustomEHR for clinical use, after 4 years of pre-release developement in a single-practice setting. Extensive rewrite of all login, security checking and privilege checking algorithms are included in this release. Features include: Listing of all hospitalized patients, sortable by hospital and assigned physician. Problem and medication lists, including patient medication instruction sheets in English and Spanish. Clinical information for inpaients, updated daily. Generation of hospital orders. Hospital and office progress notes on practice letterhead, including problem and medication lists. Online submission of inpatient billing charges. Assignment of patients with autmomatic totals. Mailed clinical updates on patient discharge or sign-off. Listing of inpatient dialysis schedules, sorted by hospital and schedule. Call Schedule Online TM, with extensive statistics related to call and vacation, and computation of salary adjustment for differential call.

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